Monica’s Collection at India International fashion week

Glamorous! That’s the first word that comes to mind when one sees Pakistani Fashion Designer Monica Piracha’s new collection. The color combinations, ‘glammed’up embellishments and embroidery, ethnic designs, and details make this collection stand out.

Monica’s work is always a fusion of the East and West, with Eastern embroidery and designs mixed with Western cuts. We, at Styleablaze bring to you Monica’s latest collection which is just right for the glamorous Pakistani woman. It has all the elements to make you look glamorous and feel beautiful.

Monica Paracha is a Pakistani Fashion Designer who has been in the market since 2003 and although her exposure to the London fashion is a lot, her fashion designs are very ‘desi’ or eastern. Most of her outfits are fusion, with a touch of modernity mixed with the typical ghararas and shararas that she’s fond of making. You will see that the colors she has used are bright and typically eastern like the blue outfit and a lot of reds and pinks.

Most of the work on her clothes is traditional hand embroidery, which is a basic design element of the sub-continent. Also the presence of paisleys and detailed beadwork make it eastern. The beadwork is very fine and beautifully done with extreme care to tiny details in the embroidery. She uses stones, Swarovski, crystal and zardozi work on her clothes and mix it up with European cuts, which make it appealing for the woman of today.

Monica’s showcased her collection on the second day of the event. Andres Aquino was the Choreographer.

Her collection is indication that gowns, anarkali frocks, ang-rakhas and such purely traditional cuts are in fashion and seem like they’re here to stay along with the evergreen sari, with which you can never go wrong. Styleablaze thinks that loose, flowing and traditional seems to be the fashion statement of the year as suggested by Pakistani Fashion Designer Monica Paracha.

She was the only Pakistani designer at Bahrain Fashion week 2009

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